12 Best Camera Bags for Women

Most of the camera bags available in the market today are bulky, rugged, and available in one (typically neutral) color.

This is a typical letdown for women photographers, vloggers, and those who love to travel with their cameras in style. 

Many women are looking for the holy grail – the perfect combination of style, functionality, durability, security, and value for money.

The good news is that there are camera bags that fit the bill. This article gives you a roundup of the 12 best camera bags for women.

Best Camera Bags for Women: What To Look For

There are five things to consider when shopping for camera bags for women: style, durability, size, security, and value-for-money.


The best camera bags strike an excellent balance between style and functionality. Most camera bags focus strongly on functionality, a common pain point for women looking for styles other than rugged.

When shopping for a camera bag, consider the style that best suits you, your lifestyle, and your photography needs.

Would you rather have a feminine or androgynous style? Classic, minimalist, or unique design?

Do you prefer a shoulder bag or a backpack? Can you double it up as an off-duty, casual bag you can bring after the shoot? 


Camera bags protect your priced possessions – your mirrorless camera and lens, gears, and perhaps even your laptop and tablet.

Choose a camera bag that will be able to carry all these things for you. Look for one that lasts and can be used indoors and outdoors alike.  


Consider the pieces of camera equipment you need to bring. How much space do you need? Are you planning to travel light or packing for a weeklong outdoor shoot?  

Pick a camera bag that will enable you to bring all the gears that you need, whether it’s just a DSLR camera or a mid-sized drone.


A camera bag is an investment. It should keep your camera, equipment, and other devices safe and secure at all times, especially when traveling.

Pick a camera bag that can give you peace of mind. Consider security features, especially when you’re a photographer who regularly films outdoors or tackles harsh, uncompromising environments.

Value for Money

Style and functionality often come with a higher price tag. There are camera bags that look like a designer piece at a premium price.

While it is essential to consider a camera bag as an investment, cost should be a deciding factor. Luckily, there’s a variety of camera bags for women that fit every budget. 

12 Best Camera Bags for Women

Here’s a roundup of the 12 best camera bags for women that fits every style and budget:

  1. TARION Camera Backpack Waterproof Camera Bag  
  2. Besnfoto DSLR Camera Backpack – Rolltop Series
  3. Rofozzi Creator Camera Bag  
  4. BAGSMART Camera Backpack 
  5. Endurax Canvas Camera Backpack Bag  
  6. Rofozzi Offbeat Women Camera Bag
  7. MOSISO Camera Backpack
  8. Kelly Moore Luna – Vegan Day Bag
  9. Nomatic McKinnon 35L Camera Bag
  10. BAGSMART Anti-theft and Waterproof Camera Backpack 
  11. MCHENG Portable Digital Camera Bag
  12. Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack

TARION Camera Backpack Waterproof Camera Bag 

If a stylish, functional backpack is your jam, then this TARION camera backpack should land on your shortlist. 

This multifunctional camera and laptop bag have a dedicated compartment for your equipment. It can easily fit up to a 15-inch laptop and has removable padded dividers for carrying lenses.

The sturdy nylon fabric makes sure the contents stay scratch-free and waterproof from heavy weather (thanks to its rain cover). 

The TARION camera backpack is ideal for short trips around town. You can easily convert it into a lightweight and casual day bag by removing all of its dividers. 

TARION Camera Backpack Waterproof Camera Bag dimensions: 11.42 x 6.3 x 17.91 inches; 1.87 lbs

Besnfoto DSLR Camera Backpack  – Rolltop Series

The Besnfoto DSLR Camera Backpack – Rolltop Series is a convenient camera backpack for urban and adventurous photographers. With its sleek, minimalist look, it is the perfect fusion of functionality and style.

The rolltop feature offers quick access to your camera and an easy top zipper accessible on both sides of the bag, making it an excellent choice when you need maximum versatility in the field!

This backpack is ideal for photographers who are fully armed with their gear and need quick access without having to schlep around heavy equipment.

The Besnfoto DSLR Camera Backpack is water-resistant, thanks to its soft, waterproof nylon and tarpaulin exterior that keep the rain at bay. 

This multifunctional camera backpack has a large capacity for up to two cameras – DSLR and mirrorless alike. It also has compartments for additional lenses, flashlights, and other accessories.

It has practical pockets and an expandable roll-top compartment that can store not just your camera gear but also your sweater and books. 

The camera case from the bottom can also be removed and used as a camera shoulder bag.

The padded straps are soft against the skin while providing excellent durability. You don’t have to worry about strained shoulders after a full day of lugging around heavy gears.

The interior includes a side tripod holder pocket and practical mesh interior compartments to keep small devices like flashlights neat and organized.

The Besnfoto DSLR Camera Backpack – Rolltop Series is perfect for women looking for a hardy yet classic and minimalist style.

Besnfoto DSLR Camera Backpack – Rolltop Series dimensions: 18.9 x 12.6 x 6.7 inches; 4.3 lbs

Rofozzi Creator Camera Bag

The Rofozzi Creator Camera Bag is a sleek camera case that possesses a chic and functional design. It’s a camera bag that does not look like your typical camera bag!

It’s perfect for the modern woman who’s looking to blend in style and sophistication while still being able to take quality photos everywhere she goes.

While it does not look like a camera bag at first glance, this Rofozzi piece is the perfect DSLR accessory. 

It fits a small DSLR with two lenses or a large camera body and an attached lens. 

Its sturdy and compact build makes it an all-around bag that will keep precious camera equipment safe.

The 3-way configurable inserts offer customization and allow you to organize the gear you need specific to any situation – whether it’s a simple dinner with friends or a full-blown photoshoot. 

When you’re off-duty, this bag can double up as a shoulder bag or a top-handle purse. Remove its insert and divider system, and voila, an instant handbag for a spontaneous shopping spree or dinner date. 

Rofozzi Creator Camera Bag dimensions: 13.7 x 12.36 x 7.32 inches; 3.25 lbs.

BAGSMART Camera Backpack 

The BAGSMART Camera Backpack will keep all your photography equipment safe and allow you quick access anytime. 

It is compact and easy-to-carry, perfect when you’re taking photos while urban bicycling, hiking, sightseeing, or road-tripping.

The customizable space in this bag offers flexibility for any camera equipment. The padded dividers make it easy to customize the interior space, converting a fully-geared bag into a simple laptop case.

The perfect bag for the on-the-go photographer, BAGSMART has a thick foam that protects your camera, drone, and laptop from bumps and shock.

Thanks to its water-resistant fabric and rain cover, the bag is also designed to protect your camera from unexpected weather. 

The padded shoulder straps and back panel makes it lightweight and easy to carry for daily use.

The BAGSMART Camera Backpack is perfect for women who love comfort, convenience, and a cute feminine color for their backpack!

BAGSMART Camera Backpack dimensions: 0.2 x 5.7 x 14.6 inches; 1.65 lbs 

Endurax Canvas Camera Backpack

The Endurax Canvas Camera Backpack has a dual compartment camera bag that allows ample space for camera gear and other items like food or clothes. 

The top storage area comes with removable dividers and a side door that allows easy access without shifting things around.

The bag’s large bottom compartment has room for 1 DSLR camera with 70-200mm lens attached, plus 3 to 5 standard lenses. 

The side pockets can hold water bottles and tripods, while the dedicated compartment fits a laptop up to 15 inches. 

Endurax Canvas is water-resistant and sports a waterproof rain cover – perfect if unexpected weather turns up during photoshoots. It also comes with a thick foam padding that protects your camera from shaking, shock, and sudden impact.

It’s also one of the few camera backpacks that come with style, functionality, and security, thanks to the anti-theft zipper that keeps your precious belongings extra safe and secure.

Endurax Canvas Camera Backpack dimensions: 12.71 x 12.68 x 7.6 inches; 4.18 lbs

Rofozzi Offbeat Women Camera Bag

If you’re looking for a camera bag that perfectly disguises as a handbag, then the Rofozzi Offbeat Women Camera Bag is the top choice for you. 

To say this bag is stylish and functional is an understatement. Its 3-in-1 design allows you to use it as a full-blown camera bag in the morning and the perfect accessory for dinner with friends.

It perfectly fits a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55 lens and other similar-sized DSLR cameras.

Its adjustable organizer and cushioned camera insert case is the dream of every Monica Geller in us – it keeps the mess and clutter at bay.

While it looks delicately stylish, the Rofozzi Offbeat Camera bag is durable and water-resistant, thanks to its leather exterior reinforced with printed fabric interior.

It comes in different styles and colors – from classic nude to loud statement colors.

Rofozzi Offbeat Women Camera Bag dimensions: 13 x 6 x 9 inches; 2.14 lbs

MOSISO Camera Backpack

The MOSISO Camera Backpack is one of the very few hardshell bags that suit a feminine taste. The exclusive peony design is a statement piece that allows you to carry and protect your gears in a sleek style. 

This bag has a waterproof exterior and a soft foam-padded build that makes it shock-proof. 

The padded shoulder strap coupled with a high elastic cushion at the back gives comfort from an entire day of lugging your camera gears and equipment around.

Characterized by an open design, the MOSISO Camera bag has two pockets where you can keep your cables, SD cards, power bank, and other accessories.

There’s also a tripod or monopod holder on the side and a matching strap on the other side for water jugs and umbrellas.

As if it’s not multifunctional enough, this MOSISO bag has an anti-theft pocket at the back for your precious belongings and a clip strap on the shoulder strap where you can store your glasses or face towel.

MOSISO Camera Backpack dimensions: 17.5 x 12 x 7.75 inches; 3.44 lbs

Kelly Moore Luna – Vegan Day Bag

If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight, and dreamy bag, then the Kelly Moore Luna is ultimately the one.

This day bag is made of vegan-friendly materials, which means that it is light, easy to clean, and water-resistant. Best of all, it is vegan

Don’t be fooled by the size – it is a handbag that can fit and organize your camera and accessories. 

It can hold either a camera body with a lens attached, a pro camera body or a standard body + grip. It also fits up to an 8″ with room for two lenses.

This day bag can also carry your water jug and baby bottles, as well as your tablet up to 10”. 

These things can go inside the bag thanks to the removable padded basket, customized with adjustable dividers and zipper pockets found in the front, side, and interiors.

The Kelly Moore Luna is the dream bag for any stylish women photographer who likes to go on a leisurely photoshoot around town.

Kelly Moore Luna – Vegan Day Bag dimensions: 11 x 5 x 9 inches; 2.25 lbs

Nomatic McKinnon 35L Camera bag

This bag may not specifically be for women, but it deserves to land on any list.

This fusion of the photography megabrands Nomatic and Peter McKinnon comes in the Nomatic McKinnon 35L Camera bag. 

This hard case backpack features multiple compartments that can accommodate your camera gear, a small drone, accessories such as batteries, lenses, and clothes. 

What’s best about this camera bag is it’s expandable. It can go from 35L to 42L quickly, which is ideal if you need a bag for day shoots or have to travel for a week-long adventure.

The downside is its size and weight. The bag alone weighs 5.75 lbs. due to its size and padding; when full, it can go from 15 to 25 lbs. and up. It is the heaviest bag on this entire list.

The Nomatic McKinnon camera bag is perfect for the outdoors and adventurous terrains, so it fits all the adrenaline junkie ladies out there.

All these features come with a premium price but are worth every penny for hardcore photographers.

Nomatic McKinnon 35L Camera Bag dimensions: 9.1 x 22.4 x 13 inches; 5.75 lbs

BAGSMART Anti-theft and Waterproof Camera Backpack 

Don’t be fooled by its cute, dainty style.  The BAGSMART Anti-Theft and Waterproof Camera Backpack is ample storage for your DSLR camera, lenses, camera accessories, clothing, food, and other items. 

The backpack can be customized to fit any camera or lens with separate compartments for a 15-inch laptop, memory cards, and battery packs. Large side pockets on each side can hold water bottles and tripods.

Removable dividers that adjust depending on what you are carrying can convert this camera backpack into a daily laptop bag. 

It has easy side access that enables you to get your camera in a snap. Full-zip access on the front allows you to put up to 2 camera bodies and lenses. 

One of the main features of this BAGSMART backpack is its anti-theft lockable zippers coupled with a high-quality metal hook, ensuring extra protection for your valuables.

This charming bag is excellent in providing comfort with its thick back padding and cushioned shoulder straps. It also comes with straps that attach to the rolling luggage handle, making it the perfect travel companion.

BAGSMART Anti-theft and Waterproof Camera Backpack dimensions: 11.81 x 7.48 x 15.75 inches; 3.25 lbs

MCHENG Portable Digital Camera Bag

The MCHENG Portable Digital Camera Bag is perhaps the smallest on this list. 

While it looks tiny, this camera bag has enough storage space for a mirrorless camera and accessories like a lens cleaning cloth, SD cards, and batteries.

This bag is made of sophisticated leather material that protects your camera from water

The main pocket for storing the camera has padded foam, which protects your camera and its accessories. 

If you’re looking for versatility, then this one gives just that. You can use it as a shoulder bag and a handbag. With a belt loop, you can also wear it around your waist!

MCHENG Portable Digital Camera Bag dimensions: 5.12 x 4.72 x 6.5 inches; 0.62 lbs

Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack

The Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack is one of the brand’s excellent fusion of style and multifunctionality. It comes in a stylish and professional design with sand canvas fabric and brown leather accents. 

The large main compartment, a broad front pocket, side pockets, and side belts enable you to lug around everything you need for the shoot.

It has a large room to hold up to 2 camera bodies, lenses, accessories, and even larger items like a water jug, snack box, and tripods. 

The Pilot backpack can double up as a full-on camera bag and an off-duty casual bag that you can take anywhere with you.

Because of its neutral accents, the Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack is sure to fit any style – urban, casual, rugged, classic, professional –  you name it! 

It’s hard to imagine the fabric and the neutral leather accents ever going out of vogue; this bag can last you years.

Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack dimensions: 16 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches; 5.6 lbs 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there affordable camera bags for women in the market?

Yes, there are models available for any style and budget. This roundup includes a mix of camera bags for women ranging from affordable ($20) to premium ($300+).

Can I use my camera bag for things other than cameras and gear?

Absolutely! Most camera bags for women are designed to hold multiple things at once.

Aside from a camera, gears, accessories, and equipment, you can also put water bottles, baby bottles, umbrellas, laptops, tablets, books, snacks, and lunch boxes.

You can even slide in your clothes and shoes, especially when you need to travel!

How can I get one of these bags?

They are all available online. Most of these bags are found on Amazon.

You only need to click on the names of each bag to see more product details. When you decide you want one, add to cart and pay!

Should I pick a handbag or a backpack?

It depends on your style, preference, and needs. If you like to bring your camera for a casual shoot with friends and don’t require gear and equipment, then a handbag may be enough.

If you’re a professional photographer who often goes on rugged terrains, camping trips, or adventure shoots, then a backpack would be ideal for your hardcore needs.

What are some of the tech and security features of camera bags?

Some brands include TSA-approved locking systems and padlocks, making it easier for the user to open up the backpacks at checkpoints, security areas in airports, border crossings, etc. 

There are also anti-theft backpacks available in the market, which have structures and flaps that hide zippers, making it extra tricky for inexperienced users to access specific compartments.

Certain tech features like hidden security whistles and RFID safe pockets are present in some of the backpacks.

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