Can You Livestream Without Wi-Fi?

Last week, I was attending a small networking event and a discussion came up in the group about livestreaming. One of the attendees was wondering whether or not livestreaming was possible if there was no Wi-Fi.

So it got me thinking and I decided to do some research. Read on to see what I discovered.

So, can you livestream without Wi-Fi? Yes, it is possible to livestream without Wi-Fi by using a tethering method such as your mobile phone or by connecting to a mobile network such as 5G.

Below, we will explore the various options.

Live Streaming Without WI-FI – A Deeper Dive

Knowing all the different methods of live streaming will come in handy when you do find yourself suddenly without WiFi on any given day.

Essentially, in certain settings and large cities, Internet connections are usually reliable, fast, and wired. In other locations, however, the opposite tends to be true.

Now and then, Internet users are likely to encounter locations with a bandwidth that is frustratingly slow to the point where it’s just unusable. This can make livestreaming a total headache!

Travel vloggers full of wanderlust live streaming from within their homes will benefit from knowing what to do when it is not possible to do live streaming without the Internet.

Whether you are halfway around the world or just in your neighborhood, here are ways to guarantee a dependable, solid live stream with no Internet.

Finally, if you’re in a rugged or exotic area, you can continue to do live streams with no disappointed viewers, no lost momentum, and no lost revenue.

At Times, Bad Weather Means No Wi-Fi

Issues that include environmental factors like wind and rain, the unavailability of power or simply being in a non-WiFi zone means you won’t have available WiFi to live stream with.

When a web connection is unavailable, but the show must go on, what do you do?

When you are in a situation where network unavailability is a factor, you can still do live-streaming, believe it or not. In less than ideal situations, such as when there is no WiFi available, live streaming may seem to be impossible.

In situations such as sporting events where the bandwidth for cellular networks might be saturated, you may also need to surf the net or do live streaming without WiFi.

Even when professional stadiums and arenas are wired with Ethernet high-speed networks, you may not be able to get in.

Use Your Mobile Hot Spot AKA Tethering

There are a few ways you can do live streaming without WiFi. One commonly used method to get a network and do live streaming with no WiFi is to use a mobile hot spot which will tether your device to another device to gain access to the Internet.

Most people consider this to be one of the simplest ways you can achieve Internet access in remote areas or locations where the WiFi is accessible. Depending on the local signal strength, using a mobile hotspot may be sufficient to live stream with.

Modern LTE 4G networks exceed upload speeds of 5 Mbps. This bandwidth is sufficient for live streaming in high-definition.

On the other hand, 5G networks will reach 1 Gbps speeds for downloading. Also, 5G networks have considerably lower latency. It will be much easier to live stream anywhere once 5G becomes the norm.

The wild fluctuation speeds of your smartphone signal and limited battery life could limit your live streaming time. On the other hand, this is normally a quick fix.

Use A Portable Router

Also known as travel routers, portable routers are not that different from your regular home router. Instead of connecting via a cable to the Internet, there is a SIM card slot that allows you to connect to networks 3G and 4G no matter where you are in the world.

The moment you get connected, your travel router can create a network of WiFi for you even if you are in the remotest part of the Amazon Jungle. The moment you are connected, you can start live streaming.

These gadgets are quite inexpensive and can usually last an entire day on just one charge. When you select travel routers, pay attention to how fast it is and to how many simultaneous connections it can support.

Use A Hot Spot Finder App

With the massive demand for public free hotspots, there are apps available and dedicated to helping any user find them. Apps to find a hot spot database contain huge WiFi hotspot lists globally.

Even if some of the hot spots have a password not available for you to use, you will still be able to see the list of available hot spots for live streaming where you are at any given time.

Avast WiFi Finder, Wiman, and NetSpot are just some of these apps that help you find WiFi.

Get WiFi Using A WiFi Dongle

Pocket-size devices such as a WiFi Dongle connects to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and lets you access the Internet as you travel. This easy to carry, portable gadgets is very affordable and easy to use.

Most dongles for WiFi look like a USB drive. Thus, when you hear the words WiFi Dongle, this means a device that lets you get online and do live streaming while on the go.

You can use the dongle to share files, download files, live streams, or share the Internet with your friends.

As The Last Resort, You Can Use A Scheduler Tool

The last resort is to use a scheduler tool to stream live videos with no Internet. You can also schedule videos you have pre-recorded with online available tools.

These tools automatically publish videos to all your channels as live streams. You can use the tools for a month, a week, or a day. These scheduling tools maintain your calendar for live videos that guarantee all your content can stream live on time, every time.

The way this works is that you can upload pre-recorded, polished videos to a calendar. For stream publications, you can set the time and date as well as the platforms you want to begin streaming to.

The technology of your chosen schedular will then take over and publish all your videos as live videos at the designated time and place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A WiFi Dongle Work?

Basically, a WiFi Dongle is a device you can plug and play, allowing you Internet access as you travel. Some don’t connect to the PC and laptop but rather, work independently using cellular data to provide you with WiFi Internet.

Is Tethering The Same Thing As Hot Spot?

Yes, enabling your smartphone’s hot spot access tethers your phone to a different device such as your laptop or your friend’s smartphone. This enables you to use their Internet connection for your own live-streaming or surfing purposes.

There are pre-paid and postpaid Internet plans you can pay to install into the gadgets that enable you to have your own Internet with you on-the-go.

Thus, if your smartphone stops connecting to public WiFi, you can then tether your smartphone to your laptop’s Internet pre-paid plan, for example, and enjoy using your own Internet no matter where you happen to be.

What Is Internet Bonding?

Internet bonding applies only to areas where there is still WiFi that exists, no matter how remote or weak the signal is. The process of taking multiple connections of the Internet is called Internet bonding.

These multiple connections are bonded together forming one reliable, strong connection. Unlike balancing the load, Internet bonding combines various weak connections into one.

This allows Internet users to still have connections to the Internet when one connection goes out. This means that if you have 6 Mbps connections and 3 Mbps connections, bonding the Internet allows you to have 9 Mbps connections.

Within your network, you will also improve download speeds in the process as well as accelerate cloud-based applications. However, you will need expertise and the property tools to bond any of the existing Internet connections successfully.


So, to sum up, we figured out that it is possible to live stream without wifi. Well, as long as you are prepared you can.

Live streaming from locations with no WiFi can feel like the wild wild west. From remote locations with networks you can’t rely on, live streaming can be challenging and demanding.

However, when you are equipped with the appropriate gadgets, it is possible to live stream videos of high-quality no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

After all, when you stream on-the-go or within your home, you get to capture the most incredible moments and once-in-a-lifetime events.

To live stream anytime you need to, make sure you have more than one tool or gadget to take with you that will give you the Internet, aside from your own phone’s hot spot or tethering.