What is the Canon 70-200 F4 Lens Used For?

Is the Canon 70-200 F4 Lens Worth Buying?

The Canon 70-200 F4 lens has most of the same capabilities as the 70-200 f2.8. However, the price is much more affordable.

In addition to boasting a lower price, the lens is also lighter to carry. Read on to learn more about this lens and its features.

What Are the Best Reasons to Use the Canon 70-200 F4

Although the 70-200 F4 has long enjoyed a reputation for being ideal for portrait shots, it is one of the most versatile lenses all around. In addition to headshots, the lens is also perfect for smaller family poses. Read on to learn about the most common ways to use this lens:

Wildlife and Nature

If you’re trying to capture shots while taking a hike through the woods, at a zoo or aquarium, or even getting photos of your pets at play, the 200mm focal length is perfect.

However, if you’re trying to get pictures of wildlife from a distance, you might find things a little challenging. For example, more magnification might be necessary if getting shots of birds in a meadow, while snapping pictures at your yard’s bird feeder will be okay with standard magnification.


Wide-angle lenses have long been a favorite tool for landscape images, especially among beginners. However, a lot of photographers are missing out with these.

For example, if you’re looking for compressed perspectives or detail shots, or more detail, the Canon 70-200 F4 is ideal. You can also use this lens easily for close-up nature shots.


Photographers into capturing sports action won’t go wrong with the Canon 70-200 F4. Some examples of sports activities that come out well with this lens from close-up include wrestling, baseball, or soccer.

The maximum aperture speed is fast enough to allow you to do excellent freeze shots. If you want to zoom in even closer, an extender makes everything easier.


The Canon 70-200 F4 is ideal when it comes to portraits. One of the things that makes the lens ideal for portraits is the excellent bokeh switch a wide-open f/4.0, as well as at 200 mm.

You can do headshots and portraits at a working distance that also gives you a good perspective. If you’re doing indoor portraits with sufficient functional space, you’ll be pleased with the quality of your group and individual portraits.

How Big is the Canon 70-200 F4 in Comparison to Other Lenses?

The two next-closest lenses similar to this model are longer in length and bigger in diameter. You will find this lens very portable if you take it with you during travel.

This lens is under 7 inches long and weighs 1.7 pounds. You’ll find this lens very powerful, despite its size.

Is the Lens’ Size Its Best Feature?

The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”. This lens is versatile enough for many uses, including portraits, and is a sharp L lens. You’re getting something that’s easy to use, lightweight, and has the exceptional features you want.

When you’re ready to go, you can easily pack the lens into your favorite gear bag. The days of fumbling around to find your lens of choice are over.

Belt packs are excellent choices for keeping one of these lenses handy. Being able to carry your lens at waist level makes it easy when you’re going back and forth between different locations.

Lenses in this series have a higher price that is typical of the high demand. Many photographers prefer the version without image stabilization, which offers an excellent value.

Are There Different Types of Canon 70-200 F4 Lenses?

There are three Canon lenses in this series, released in 1999, 2006, and 2018. One thing that all these lenses have in common is the zoom range. With the magnification power being as excellent as that of some of the more expensive options, you will be pleased.

This Canon lens is one of the most popular choices available. Three important facts stand out about this lens.

When buying one of the older versions of the lens, the weather seal is not of the same quality as weather seals on newer lenses. If you take a lot of your photos and videos outside, this is a factor you will need to keep in mind.

If you take a lot of portrait photos, you will benefit from using this lens. The shallow depth field will easily have you covered.

Customers buy twice the number of Canon 70-200 F4 lenses than they do of their larger counterparts. The lens’s popularity speaks for itself where many photographers and videographers are concerned.

Some Other Helpful Things to Know

The most important thing to know is that your credentials as a photographer will stay just as solid when using this lens as its bigger counterparts. Your performance will be as impressive as you need it to be.

If you’re looking for greater stability when using a tripod, you won’t go wrong with a tripod collar mount. You can rotate the camera very easily, and this mount works on monopods as well as tripods.

One of the standout features of the lens is its aperture, which is constant throughout the zoom range. Once you’ve focused on your subject, shifting the focus should not be a problem.

When you’re in settings with low lighting, you may encounter one of the lens’s few drawbacks. Extra portable lighting may be necessary for such settings unless you have another lens to use with more f-stops.

The higher ISO settings prevent these types of issues from becoming a problem. Using this type of lens won’t require you to sacrifice any of the quality that you expect when taking photos or videos.

What Are This Camera’s Specific Features?

1. Circular diaphragm creates excellent background blur
2. Includes 1 Fluorite lens element, as well as 2 UD elements for superior optical performance
3. 4-stop-rated image stabilizer with two modes
4. 1.2-meter minimum focus distance

With the range of additional accessories that go well with this lens, you’re in a position to use your camera for any need. Here are some of the main takeaways you will want to keep in mind, according to customer experiences:

Many have found this lens to be the best one they have used. Rave reviews coming from amateurs and professionals help secure this lens’s standing in the industry.

The operation and ergonomics are often described as being flawless. Many find the IS of sufficient quality that they no longer need to use a tripod all the time.

The autofocusing is quiet and quick, and images keep their size even with zooming. Having such features in a compact, lightweight setting is a major asset for any photographer.

Users often describe the images as being super sharp. The end result is described as being fantastic.

Although there are many factors that contribute to image quality, most who use this lens are pleased with the results. Trying out this lens is a great idea for anyone who wants to have the maximum advantage when taking photos.

Final Thoughts

The Canon 70-200 F4 Lens is an excellent lens series, regardless of the type of photography that you perform. Although you will see the best results from the newest version, all of the previous editions will also give you the performance that you need. When you start taking pictures with this lens, you’ll see a difference to be proud of.

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