Canon Rebel Accessories for your DSLR

Which Canon Rebel Accessories Should You Get for Your DSLR?

One of the best things about the Canon Rebel DSLR is that there are so many accessories available.

With so many accessories, you might feel tempted to grab everything you can afford. However, some accessories might be more valuable than others, and we’ll look at how to tell the difference.

What is a Canon Rebel Camera?

The Canon Rebel is a DSLR camera considered entry-level. These cameras are a better alternative to point-and-shoot cameras, as well as phone cameras.

With the cameras being entry-level, it won’t take long for most to master their use.

The Canon Rebel brand goes back to the 1990s, with a camera with similar lens technology to today’s cameras. Cameras in the Rebel line first adopted digital features in 2003.

The design has been updated on many occasions since then to provide better features and to keep pace with newer technology.

Over the years, digital photography technology has evolved to allow more excellent capability between cameras and other devices. Transferring photos from a camera to a computer used to be a somewhat tedious task.

Today, technology like SD cards and wireless connections make sharing new images easier than you may have realized.

Lenses in the Canon EF-S series work with other Canon cameras, including the 7D and 7D Mark II, 70D, 77D, 80D, and 90D.

Because many of these lenses will work with different cameras, they help to expand the range of possibilities.

The more you can do with your camera, the more appealing learning more about photography will be.

Are the Lenses Used for Canon Rebel Cameras Interchangeable?

These lenses are interchangeable, but there are a couple of caveats. The cameras in this series have APS-C sensors, which are less than full-sized. EF-S lenses are the type designed to work with the sensor that is specific to Rebel series cameras.

What about the larger-sized EF lenses? These also work with Rebel Cameras. However, EF-S lenses cannot be used on camera models with bigger sensors.

You can conclude that Rebel lenses are interchangeable with conditions.

An option that many photographers take advantage of that is worth considering is a lens kit. When purchased according to the specific camera model, you’ll have easy access to whatever you may require.

Having access to additional lenses gives you some leeway to get used to working with these new accessories before using them during an important shoot.

What Are Some Rebel Accessories to Consider?

How do you decide which Canon Rebel accessories are the best for you to consider? What type of photography you intend to do will guide most of the decision-making process.

Some of these accessories are more essential for professionals than for amateurs, but all are worthy of your consideration. Acquiring some of these accessories may open the door to new professional or personal opportunities.

Monopods may make it easier to capture perfect photos or videos in an event setting, while grip straps can help in outdoor environments where you are navigating rugged terrain.

Speedlites can be of vital help in low-light settings, while loupes help in settings with too much natural light.

The more you consider some of these accessories, the more likely you are to consider them as viable options.


One consideration is whether you intend to shoot video with your camera, which could make a monopod a good idea.

One of the most important functions of a monopod is reducing shaking and other unnecessary movements while shooting video. The use of one of these devices may prevent having your video from being frustrating to watch.

Another advantage that monopods offer is taking some of the weight off your hands during photography. You won’t have to cope with having your hands get too tired and losing your grip. When you are not dealing with fatigue, you are less likely to end up dropping the camera.


Taking ideal pictures can be difficult under low-light circumstances. Knowing when you need to use a flash is sometimes tricky, especially if you are new to photography. Most photographers feel it is better to have a flash at hand and not need it than require one and not have access to it.

The flashes included on cameras have two major pitfalls that could impact your photo quality. For one thing, their location is too close to the lens axis, and they are simply not that powerful. If the image quality is of primary importance, you should consider the benefits of a flash.

One excellent option for a flash is the Canon Speedlite 270EX II Flash, which boasts bounce-flash abilities, greater power, and is a smaller, more easily portable size.

You can use this Speedlite on any Canon camera or as a wireless slave flash with a flash shoe mount. The flexibility of these flash puts it at the top of many photographers’ priority lists.


One of the downsides that many report when using a DSLR camera is having problems reading the LCD screen on the camera in bright light.

A HoodLoupe from Hoodman helps block out light so that the screen is easier to read. Loupes have long been considered crucial accessories for taking photos or videos in daylight settings.

The effect of blocking out the light is similar to the effects of viewing a screen in a movie theater. One of the advantages of this type of accessory is the ability to attach a magnification eyecup to the lens piece.

With one of these helpful features, you can view your most recently-taken photo in a bigger size.

Grip Straps

The JJC Camera Hand Grip Strap is one of the most helpful accessories for a Canon Rebel camera. One of the most beneficial features that users benefit from is the ability to mount the camera on a tripod with the strap still attached.

When you don’t have to remove the strap, you can spend less time during tripod setup.

When using a strap, you will experience less muscle fatigue and have a firmer grip. When you shoot photos for longer stretches of time, these straps are essential accessories to add to your list.

You can take your camera into settings where a tripod or monopod would be impractical without losing your grip.

Accessory Kits

When you have a need for certain accessories, you may be able to save money if you buy accessory kits that include all the components that you need.

One advantage is that you can acquire accessories that you may not have initially considered by buying a kit. Everything usually comes in one convenient case or backpack for more accessible storage.

One of the most popular accessory kits is the 58 mm 28-Piece Accessory Kit. The accessories include a backpack case, monopod and tripod, lens filters, and an SD card. These accessories easily meet the needs of casual photographers, as well as professionals.

Final Thoughts

Canon Rebel cameras are among some of the most versatile cameras available to photographers of all experience levels.

Knowing which accessories are the most likely to be useful will help you decide which you want first and which can wait. Accessories for the Canon Rebel are worthy of your time and attention.

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