How Photographers Can Create Watermarks Online For Free

Have you ever wondered why many online photographs have watermarks superimposed on them?

Well, there is a lot of photo theft doing rounds online. To protect their photos from being stolen online, photographers and institutions add watermarks to the images.

Some add texts, while others add their logos or copyright symbols to the photographs to claim ownership.

Other than offering security to your online photos, watermarks are also used to promote brands. 

How Photographers Can Create Watermarks Online For Free

Online photographers and institutions who wish to add watermarks to their photographs should use a subtle design to make the results neat.

The watermark shouldn’t be too intrusive. Ensure the opacity level of the watermark is significantly reduced. 

There are several ways to create your own watermark online for free.

You can use photoshop if you’re used to Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Lightroom is also a good option for watermarking multiple photos uniformly at once.  

How to Add Watermark in Photoshop

Follow the steps given below. 

  • Click on the image, and on the layer toolbar, select the new layer. Give it a name and press the OK tab.
  • Specify where the text will be located.
  • Key in the text, this can be a name, logo, or website. 
  • Resize the watermark, change fonts and color. 
  • A copyright identity can also be added.

After creating the watermark, the text can be changed. Click on the layer and choose the text tool. The text will be selected, then you can proceed to make the necessary changes.  

The opacity of the watermark should also be reduced if it looks so striking. Select the layer and move the slider on the opacity box.

How to Add Watermark in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe lightroom requires an editor to set up watermark presets, which are added when the image is exported.

Click on the Export to export the photos. This can be in the form of JPEG or TIFF.

You can’t attach a watermark to original or DNG files. After exporting the photo, check the Watermark checkbox and click on the Edit Watermarks. Finalize by entering the text you wish.

Other Online Services To Create Watermark

Other than Adobe creative cloud and Adobe lightroom, several other online services can be used to add watermarks to photos. These services are listed below.


FotoJet provides an easy and convenient way if you’re looking to create your own watermark online for free. It has preset resources that make the watermarking process easy and precise. 

With Fotojet, you can create a text watermark. 

This is the simplest way of creating watermarks on online images. It provides the user with the option to customize fonts to form different watermarks. 

The user only has to select the font and key in the words. They will also need to modify the size, color, and text style to their preference. 

The last step is to position the watermark to the point you intend. The user also needs to reduce the opacity of the watermark to make it transparent.

Fotojet also allows for the adjustment of the watermark outline. This is enhanced by the glow feature that adds a shading effect to the watermark. 

Water Marquee

This watermarking program allows users to make watermarks on their own or customize one of their templates to come up with one.

To make the watermark, the user only needs to upload the image to the program. 

Then, they need to select the Add Logo, Add text, or Use Template tabs. What follows is configuring the text font, size, and color. There are also options for a transparent or solid background. 

The final step is to save the watermarked photo. Choose the location on your PC where to save the picture.

Make Watermark

This online watermark creating tool allows users to create and attach watermarks on multiple photos at once. To use this app, import your pictures or folder and paste them into the app. 

The next step is to create the watermark. Select the Add Logo or Add Text tab. Logos can also be imported from the user’s PC.

There is an editing toolkit that allows the user to edit the watermark. The opacity should also be adjusted to make the watermark transparent. 

The photo editor will then wrap up by setting the image qualities and resizing them. Select the Watermark Images, allowing them to be watermarked.

Finish off by downloading the watermarked copies.


This online watermark-making platform allows a user to upload and watermark both small and large photos.

The platform guarantees instant uploads and downloads of images, even in poor internet connection. 

The platform can process multiple images at once. It automatically changes the watermark size to match the image size. 

Its desktop app allows photo editors to watermark many photos. The platform also allows the photo editors to resize photographs, crop photos, and compress JPEG images. 


This watermarking software provides photo editors with multiple watermarking options that create visible watermarks to protect online photographs.

It also gives its users the option to resize the text, change color, and change the position of the watermark. 

Users can opt for the WatermarkTool or the WMT Plus. You don’t need to have an account to use the free version.

However, the WMT Plus requires its users to have an account to pay a monthly fee for the service.

This version comes with extra features like a greater file size limit, image usage as a watermark, and it can save the watermark for future use.


This watermarking software provides its users with the option to resize and attach visible watermarks with ease.

This service is free of any fees. You can upload multiple images at once—up to twenty photos. 

This tool allows users to add watermarks in the form of texts, logos, images, or tiled watermarks. You can apply one watermark or several watermarks to a single photograph. 

After finishing the watermarking process, the photo can be downloaded in a zipped form after the user has signed in. 

What Is Watermark Used For?

The use of watermarks in online photographs has two main purposes. These are:

  • Adding security to online photographs
  • Build, sell, or promote brands


How can I create a watermark online for free?

To create your own watermark online free, follow the steps given below:

-Import your selected photos or folder to the watermarking app. 
-Create your watermark. It can be text, logo, or image watermark. 
-Proceed to edit your watermark. Adjust the colors, font, and size of the watermark.
-Apply your watermark to the photograph. 
-Save the watermarked image.

How do I turn a jpeg into a watermark?

Follow this guide:

-On the photograph, right-click. 
-Select the Format Picture tab.
-Choose the washout tab under image control and select recolor
-Choose the color you want from the dialog box
-Select the Apply tab and click OK.

How important are watermarks to online photographs?

Photographs and images that institutions and photographers post online can be accessed and downloaded for use by anonymous individuals without the owner’s permission.

This can amount to a copyright infringement lawsuit. Unfortunately, this legal process is time-consuming and costly to conduct.

Besides, it’s not a guarantee that the copyright owner will win the case. 

To protect their photographs and themselves against these risks, many photographers opt to add a watermark to their online photos.

Logos, texts, and brand names will prevent potential photo thievery cases as they will mostly look for pictures without proof of ownership.

Can watermarks be used to build, promote, or sell brands?

Yes, watermarks are used to promote and build brands. A photo with a logo or brand name watermark attached to it speaks more than a plain photo.

Attaching the brand name or logo to photographs sells the brand to everyone who’ll see the picture. This introduces the brand to new people, widening the audience in the process.

Online users using watermarks to brand their businesses utilize brand kits to keep their brand identities together. This feature allows for easy access to all the resources when modeling designs. 

Final Thoughts

Watermarking online photographs is proving effective in curbing online photo theft.

People tend to download and use plain photos more than watermarked images. Watermarking is also used to promote brands. 

Some software make watermarking photographs easy and effective. Use one of them if you want to create your own watermark online for free.

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