How to Stop iPhone Camera from Shaking

Despite being (considered) the crème de la crème of smartphones, iPhones are not invincible to pesky issues like camera shaking.

Apple realized this problem way back in 2010 but still, their later models like iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 spotted the same glitch.

When new, iPhones operate flawlessly for some time with the camera holding itself quite well.

However, once you update it with the latest software (a recommended move), the camera, and other parts of your phone could easily start to misbehave.

If your iPhone has a camera shaking problem and you are closer to Apple center, you may be inclined to return it to them.

That would be a great idea especially if you want to benefit from the company’s iSight camera replacement program.

The program’s goal was to replace glitchy iPhone 6 Plus cameras for free.

To qualify, first, your phone’s serial number must be genuine and reflected in their system. It must also not be more than 3 years from the day of purchase.

As you can see, the program doesn’t cover iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and later models.

This gets you wondering, will there be a program for these phones?

If you’re not planning to visit an Apple repair center, then why not try fixing it yourself?

But before you do that…

What could be the reason why your iPhone camera is shaking?

How do I stop my camera shaking?

Interference. That’s one of the reasons put forth by technicians.

There is a metal plate above the camera held in place with screws.

That plate also acts as an EMI (Electromagnetic interference) shield. Its purpose is to prevent a strong leakage of electromagnetic fields.

Now, when your phone loses EMI grounding, potent electromagnetic fields can cause the camera to misbehave.

When this happens, it means your iPhone has lost stable communication with the camera.

Software updates are another culprit.

Obviously, they are released with the intention of fixing a bug, bumping up security, or improving other features and apps.

But like all human plans, things don’t always go as intended. An update can improve one wing and scar the other.

Apple allows iPhone users to downgrade to previous versions. You can do that if you depend a lot on your camera.

Fair warning, retreating to previous updates means some of your apps might lack support, or worse, you could expose yourself to security risks.

Another reason why iPhone cameras shake is because of dirty lenses. But that’s not all.

Apple released a newsletter reporting that iPhone cameras can be affected by exposure to powerful vibrations like those produced by high-powered motorbikes. 

High-amplitude vibrations degrade image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus features.

These two technologies are the ones responsible for correcting shakes and gravity to ensure photos are not blurry.

So the next time you are boarding a vessel with extreme vibrations, either leave your phone behind or cushion it properly.

Ways to stop your iPhone camera from shaking

Before you take your phone to an Apple repair center, try the following quick fixes:

1. Restart your phone

When phones hang, the simplest solution we all resort to is to give them a proper restart, right?

Restarting a phone can solve simple issues like a shaky camera, contacts not backing up and some apps inexplicably closing themselves up.

This is a go-to solution if your camera has been working well and then just started acting up.

If the problem persists even after restarting your iPhone, try the next method.

2. Wipe dirt off your lenses

Dirt is one of the reasons your camera might be shaking. Dust, grimes and debris make the autofocus move about in a frenzy.

You need to wipe them off with the softest materials like a microfiber cloth.

It is not wise to use cleaning agents-especially if you are not an expert technician with a wealth of knowledge about lenses.

3. Factory-reset your phone

Scary, right? Yes, this road is for the bold ones.

The idea behind a hard reset is to return the phone back to its factory settings. This way, any software or settings that were causing the camera to shake will be cleaned out.

A hard reset will lose all your data. Back up your data in a cloud before you proceed.

4. Attaching a magnet to the back of the phone

As was said earlier, the gyroscope and closed-loop autofocus can go berserk if they are unstable or have been affected by too much electromagnetic field.

Some iPhone users found that you can get them to behave (stabilize) by attaching a magnet to the back of the phone.

Since excess magnetization can be detrimental, it is advisable that you stick the magnet to the phone cover. Now check if your camera has stabilized.

5. Replace the casing of your iPhone

How to fix  iPhone Camera Shaking Problem

We are all used to cases now and they come in many shapes and designs.

Cases are very good at protecting from too much handling as well as offering some cushioning should it drop.

Quick question…do you know what material your phone’s case is made of? Are you aware some contain either magnetic or metallic accents?

Those materials can affect your phone’s autofocus and image stabilization technology. 

Try taking some photos without the back and see if the problem stops.

If it does, then your case contains camera-straining materials. In such a case, you should find a better replacement.

6. Make good use of your warranty

So you tried cleaning the lens, restarted/reset your phone, changed your phone case to one without metallic or magnetic components, and tried all other tips highlighted to no success?

Maybe your phone’s warranty could be of use. Take advantage of it.

As long as there is no sign of physical damage, Apple repair centers can take back your phone and repair the shaky camera—at no cost on your part.

However, if the screen is badly cracked, they might just go ahead to repair it as well and bill you (the screen only).

7. Visit a technician

The last resort would be to take your phone so a technician can fix the camera.

Sometimes they might suggest that you change the camera. As such, be ready for such surprises.

Some people will take their gadgets to a technician before visiting Apple repair centers.

Either way can work but if your phone has an active warranty, see the manufacturer first. 

Not all repair shops have experts and if they damage your phone (physically or structurally) the warranty could be compromised or you would be charged a steep fee to cover the repairs.

8. Use a third-party tool

Software issues are the reason many smartphones display hiccups like a black screen, lagging, app malfunction, and even a shaky camera.

There are third-party recovery tools aimed at fixing these discomforts. Some come as apps and others have to be installed on windows or Mac OS.

Be careful with third-party software installations.

It’s imperative that you vet the provider thoroughly to avoid filing your phone with junk software that could open it to exterior threats.

Plus, there are those that fix only system errors, not the camera. So be watchful if you decide to go this route.

Final Thoughts

Now you know some nifty tips on how to stop iPhone camera from shaking.

The truth is, Apple is making efforts toward creating the best phones with stable operating systems.

We can all agree the company’s latest iOS is insanely powerful and offers plenty of features.

However, no matter how much effort goes into R&D, every company, Apple and Samsung included, will always suffer from bugs and software update failures.

As such, learning some skills on how to fix things such as camera shakes can come in handy.

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