How to Use GoPro Voice Control

You’ve got a GoPro action camera, and you love taking and sharing amazing sports and nature videos. But are you getting the most from your GoPro? Not if you haven’t tapped into the creative potential of GoPro voice control.

Keep reading to learn what voice control is, how it can improve your videography experience, and the top commands you need to know.

What Is GoPro Voice Control?

GoPro’s voice command feature is designed to speed the process of taking photos or video. Instead of scrolling through menus to access the right setting – and potentially missing a great shot in the process – voice control allows you to give the camera a specific verbal command.

This also makes camera operation hands-free, which is a boon when shooting in wet conditions, when the camera is mounted in a less accessible location (for instance, on your helmet), or when your hands are otherwise occupied.

How to Use GoPro Voice Control

The first step in using voice control is enabling the feature. Swipe down on your screen to access the preferences menu. Click the icon of a head with sound waves until it is highlighted in blue.

This activates voice control. As screen layout may differ between models, consult your instruction manual for more information.

From the preferences menu, you can also set your preferred language. Various GoPro models can understand up to ten different languages – English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, and Russian.

Now that voice control is enabled, you can use voice commands when the camera is on or in standby mode.

Like Google, Siri, and Alexa, you’ll need to preface your command with a keyword to cue the camera to listen – in this case, “GoPro.”

Does My GoPro Have Voice Control?

Early GoPro cameras are not equipped with a voice command feature. This is true of all models up to the Hero5. All cameras released after the Hero5, from September 2016 onward, have this feature.

This includes the Hero5 Black; Hero5 Session; Hero6 Black; Hero7 White, Silver, and Black; Hero8 Black; Hero9 Black; MAX; Fusion; Remo; and Hero 2018 edition.

GoPro Voice Control Commands You Need to Know

Get into the action faster by learning the top GoPro voice control commands. We’ve compiled all the most important prompts in the following GoPro voice command list. These can be used across all models featuring voice control.

You can also find a command list specific to your camera model in-camera under Settings > Preferences > Voice Control > Commands.

GoPro Voice commands:

  • GoPro video mode
  • GoPro start recording
  • GoPro stop recording
  • GoPro time-lapse mode
  • GoPro start time lapse
  • GoPro stop time lapse
  • GoPro take a photo
  • GoPro photo mode
  • GoPro burst mode
  • GoPro shoot burst
  • GoPro HiLight
  • That was sick (same function as HiLight)
  • GoPro turn off

Many models also answer to the command “GoPro turn on.” In order to use the “turn on” command, make sure Wake on Voice is turned on under Preferences.

The Hero7 series also has two additional commands – “GoPro capture” and “GoPro stop capture.

Please note that the GoPro won’t respond to variations of these commands, for example, “take a picture” or “start filming.” The key phrases must be exact.

Final Thoughts

When you’re surfing, skiing, paddling, cycling, or engaging in other activities, the ability to operate your GoPro action camera hands-free isn’t just a plus – it’s essential. Take the time to learn the command keywords, and you’ll never miss a shot again.

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