Camera Groove, a blog dedicated to the teaching and inspiring of photographers, is announcing the acquisition of the domain name (‘Northshots’).

Importantly, please note that the acquisition only involves the acquiring of the domain name, and not the ‘Northshots’ brand. The Northshots brand is owned by a photographer called Peter Cairns who is not in any way associated with Camera Groove or the acquisition of the domain name.

The former owner of let the domain name expire. When a domain name expires, it becomes available to any business or individual who can reregister the domain at will.

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Camera Groove and Northshots are both well known brands in the photography and camera equipment industry.

The website will be redirected to Camera Groove in recognition that it is now an important division of Camera Groove.

The acquisition of this domain will bring a new photography audience to Camera Groove, which will, in turn, help the site to develop and bring new photography tuition to the website.

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Camera Groove will continue to provide knowledge of photography related topics to website visitors.