Is It OK To Buy A Refurbished Camera?

Photography is a costly pursuit that only gets more expensive as you become more professional.

So if you are wondering if it is OK to buy a refurbished camera, keep reading to find out more.

When Is It OK To Buy A Refurbished Camera?

Are refurbished cameras any good?

If you have a low budget or are looking for a backup camera for your photography or videography, you should acquire a refurbished camera.

Also, you can consider a refurbished camera if you’re looking for a quality camera with almost similar quality as a new one.

“Refurbished” generally means that someone returned a defective or used product; the manufacturer updated it with new, fixed parts and then re-released it.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding refurbished cameras. This article comes in to explore both sides of the coin and give a verdict. 

When You Are Under A Budget 

Are Refurbished Cameras Safe To Buy?

The price tag of a new camera, in most cases, will be 30% higher than a refurbished one.

For instance, Canon sold a new 5D Mark III Body for  £2,350  and a Refurbished one for £1,695 on Amazon.

Worth noting is while the price is your primary focus, consider choosing “as new” refurbished camera over one that has been used.

When Looking for An Option Similar To A New Product

Another advantage of purchasing a refurbished camera is that you may acquire the same new goods for less money. Many internet retailers sell refurbished cameras.

If your profit margin allows it, a 90-day warranty at 30% of the price may be a better option than a 2-year warranty.

When Looking for A Cheap Product That Has Passed the Quality Control Test

Is it okay to buy used cameras?

When the product is returned, it undergoes a process of refurbishing.

The process of refurbishing cameras involves thorough testing and inspections. They’re also cleansed, upgraded, and reset to their original factory settings.

So, if you are looking for a cheap camera almost similar to a new one, you should go for a refurbished one.

The process ensures that the product undergoes a careful inspection and passes the strict quality assurance assessment. 

If You Are Looking for A Professional Backup Camera

As you venture into professional photography or videography, remember that a backup is essential.

There is a common myth that a backup camera should always be cheap. We stand to differ; having high-quality backup equipment is a vital step.

While you save a great deal by acquiring a second-hand camera, it’s easier and wiser to have backup photography gear as good as your primary equipment. 

When Is It Not OK To Buy a Refurbished Camera?

Can You Buy A Refurbished Camera?

Buying a refurbished camera doesn’t seem suitable in some cases.

If You Are Looking for A Camera With A Long Period Warranty

The major downside attached to refurbished cameras is its warranty runs for a short time. 

The refurbished cameras have a warranty period of one to six months, this is a shorter time compared to the warranty period of a new product.

If You Are Buying A Camera Because of Its Accessories

The majority of refurbished cameras lack accessories and don’t come in original packaging.

Getting a refurbished camera for someone might be disappointing since it won’t come with its accessories.

Unlike the new product from the manufacturer, it will be packaged in plain boxes.

If You Are Looking for A Perfect Product

Can I purchase a refurbished camera?

As you venture into professional photography or videography, the first piece of equipment you’ll be looking for is a perfect camera.

Some refurbished cameras may have minor flaws or faults that were introduced during the refurbishment process or caused by the previous owner.

Still, a refurbished camera will always be in near-perfect condition.

Sometimes A Refurbished Camera Might Be More Expensive

Be prepared to pay a little more for a manufacturer refurbished camera than a refurbished camera from a merchant.

That’s because, unlike a merchant, a manufacturer would always utilize genuine parts rather than OEM products, which may be of lower quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth It To Get A Refurbished Camera?

A refurbished camera has the exact specifications as a new camera, but it will come with significant savings.

We’re here to set your mind at ease if you’re tempted by the savings yet hesitant to buy anything that isn’t brand new.

What Does It Mean When A Camera Is Refurbished?

Refurbished cameras are open-box versions or gently used demos that have been returned to the manufacturer’s repair facility and checked by hand. They had been examined, diagnosed, and gauged.

Because they’ve all been hand-inspected, they may be more dependable than new cameras.

How Does One Tell You If A Camera Is Refurbished?

The length of the warranty and the color of the box are the most significant differences between a new and refurbished camera.

Because it’s no longer new, the shutter actuation won’t mean much, and you’ll have to infer that the previous owner used it at least a few times.

Final Thoughts

Buying a refurbished camera has downsides, but it is the most suitable option if you are looking for a cheap backup camera with almost-near specs as a new piece of equipment.

However, ensure you get it from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. 

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