Which Ring Light for YouTube Videos?

Good lighting is essential if you make lots of videos. The whole point is to illuminate your subject and entice the audience with compelling imagery. 

Light ring for Youtube Videos

From makeup tutorials to product reviews and everything in between, you need a ring light for every kind of YouTube video.

This is the simplest and most effective way of lighting a set. However, there are many options when you go out there searching for a ring light.

Keep reading to learn how you can find an ideal ring light for your YouTube videos.

Which Ring Light Do You Need for YouTube Videos?

A major perk of using a ring light is that it produces effortlessly soft shadows to complement portraits. This helps to reduce the flaws in the subject. 

best ring light for Youtube videos

Most of these lights are LED-powered. They consume minimal power and bring out incredible luminance.

Go through the following checklist when you are surveying the ring lights:

  • Size Matters: A broad light produces soft light. So, if all things are equal, a larger ring light is better for your videos.
  • Dimmable: If the light is easier to dim, you have more control over how much light you should cast on your subject.
  • High Color Rendering Index: The colors will look more vivid and natural if the CRI value of the light is higher. Ideally, it helps if you find a light with the CRI value of 90+ or 95+.
  • Power Options: Having flexible power options is always good for you. If you have rechargeable batteries for the light, that means one less cable to trip over.
  • Extra Diffusion: A fluorescent tube ring light with an additional surface area produces more diffused light.

The Best Ring Lights for Youtube Videos

Now that you know of all things you should look for in the ring light, it’s time to go one step ahead and scan your options.

This blog sheds light on which ring light for YouTube videos will help increase your subscribers.

Fositan 18-inch LED Ring Light Kit

Fositan 18-inch LED Ring Light is a large light suitable for YouTube videos, makeup tutorials, live broadcasts, food displays, and product reviews. It is an absolute bargain as there is a minimal chance of anything going wrong with this purchase.

The notable features of Fositan 18” LED Ring Light are:

  • It is a soft light with a stable color temperature. The light shines on your face, making your skin look perfect. It creates an attractive focal point wherever you choose to shine the light. Its retractable design allows having the brightness of varying heights.
  • It comes with a standard ¼ hot-shoe adapter which is compatible with most cameras. There is also a smartphone holder with an adjustable length of 55 mm to 82 mm.
  • 240 SMD dimmable LEDs power this light.
  • A tall, 2m stand holds the light sturdily. You can tilt forward and backward up to 90 degrees for improved flexibility.

The accessories tagging along with this model are Bluetooth remote control, adapter, smartphone holder, white and orange color filter kit, long power cord, and a bag to carry the ring light.

Lume Cube 18-inch Bi-Color Ring Light

The Lume Cube Wireless Ring Light is a bicolor 18-inch diameter ring with robust battery power. It will keep your shots illuminated for one and a half hours.

So far, this model is rated as highly user-friendly and suitable for YouTube content creators and just about everyone. The key features of this ring light are as follows:

  • It contains a pair of NP-F750 lithium-ion cells bundled with the light. You can also use a mains adapter to power this light.
  • Color is adjustable from 3200-5600K. It has an LED readout to help you adjust temperature according to the circumstances.
  • It comes with a 6.5ft (198cm) stand. This way, you can keep your light at maximum position when needed.
  • The controls are pretty simple as a knob helps to toggle between brightness, color temperature, and remaining battery.
  • The two batteries are easy to clip.

All the features of the Luma Cube make it handy during travel or outdoor shoots.

Diva Nebula 18” Dimmable Ring Light

The Diva Nebula Ring Light is a perfect purchase for videographers and photographers alike.

It’s a professional-quality LED light that provides soft and shadowless illumination. It cuts out the imperfections and makes the subject appear clear.

The secret is in the shape of the light. The light has a dimming feature, as highlighted in its name, to control the light source. It will cast a soft dome of light on the subject to complement its outlook. This makes the light excellent for portraits and close-up looks.

Some features to make Diva Nebula one of a kind are:

  • It comes with a diffusion cloth that straps over the light to soften the look.
  • It has an 18 diameter circular black rigid plastic housing with a reflective white interior to increase the light output.
  • Nebula is also equipped with a 640 Daylight LED that packs plenty of punch. This is 15% brighter than other fluorescent models.
  • There are several ventilation slots at the base of this ring light.
  • It can be battery-powered by using a D-Tap cable and Anton Bauer Battery that is sold separately.

Diva Nebula has established itself as a unique ring light with video-oriented features. So, when you are out there analyzing which ring light for YouTube videos is perfect for you, this might be the one to fulfill all your requirements.

Westcott 18″ Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit

The Westcott 18” Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit is also an all-inclusive kit. This includes the ring light, carrying case, portable camera, and long-lasting NP-750 batteries. 

The entire package makes it an ideal pick for content creators, cosmetic shots, vloggers, makeup tutorials, and more.

The look you achieve by using this light source is great for those who want flattering lightning that reduces imperfections. Having a CRI of up to 97, the Westcott ring light is perfect for replicating the skin tones.

The outstanding features of this light are:

  • Power with two NP-F70 batteries or AC adapter
  • Adjustable temperature range, varying between 3200K and 5600K
  • Light-weight design with a 6.5” stand and a carrying case
  • Flicker-free operation and 97 CRI
  • It offers a bold punch of light with distinct catchlights

Ring lights like Westcott are deemed ideal for vloggers and content creators. Its range of user-friendly options and high color accuracy has helped to boost its sales.

Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light

This 10-inch ring light is one of the best ring lights for producing videos and online calls. It makes things pretty straightforward with its handy desktop stand. 

Neewar is well-known for making some of the best ring lights. This upgraded 18” version is not an exception either.

A USB powers the light, helping it work when you are streaming or recording on a computer. There is no need for a power plug to run the light. It also has a flexible and built-in phone holder to fix the phone in different angles.

Apart from these, a few premium features of this light are:

  • It comes equipped with 120 energy-efficient LEDs.
  • You can use the inline controller to switch between 3 light colors and 10 brightness levels to cover several video recording, photography, and social media needs.
  • It has a built-in USB cable in the wall outlet which uses a 5V/2A USB power adapter.
  • The disc base gives stability to the lamp.
  • You can tilt the lamp for up to 120 degrees. This flexible gooseneck enables you to direct the smartphone wherever you like.
  •  It has a Bluetooth receiver so you can control the light from a distance too.

Thus, if you are someone who wants to take things up a notch and make it professional, this ring light adequately fits the bill.

Savage Luminous Pro LED Ring Light Plus

The Savage Luminous Pro LED Ring Light Plus is the ultimate solution for all your photography and videography woes.

This versatile ring light will fulfill all your needs, from getting a smooth on-axis fill light to achieving the perfect catch light in a model’s eye.

Its soft and light traits make it ideal for crucial light applications and glamor shots. The light will create a smooth finish and enhance the overall look of the subject.

Some elements that make this light different than the others are:

  • It consists of 480 daylight balanced and cool-running LED chips
  • It measures 17.5 inches in diameter and there is a 1.5-inch inner opening to fit the DSLR cameras
  • LEDs have color temperature adjustable between 3200K and 5500K. It also has a power level that is changeable from 10% to 100%.
  • The front diffuser makes it friendly for the subject’s eyes.
  • It comes with a carrying case, a remote controller, and two Sony NP-F70 batteries to charge it on the go.

The flicker-free and fanless designs produced through this light are perfect for YouTube videos. Its diverse applications make it worthy of consideration among all the current ring light options.

Fotodiox FlapJack 10″ LED Ring Light

This Flapjack Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit is created around a light source that utilizes the Edgelight technology. 

It also entails pointing LEDs along the edge and reflecting them towards the center for softer outcomes.

Instead of the more common direct beam, FlapJack’s bounced light approach creates a soft and delicate glow with no evident hotspots. Because of that, this is perfect for your studio on the go.

It works great at filling in the shadows, and you can use it as a glamor light as well.

Some salient features of FlapJack are:

  • It comes with a mounting bracket for both 15mm and 19mm rods. You can attach it directly to a tabletop, lightning clamp, or tripod.
  • It also comes with a 10 – 100% dimmer dial, 3200K-5600K tungsten to daylight temperature rating, and a built-in battery life indicator.
  • A backlit LCD indicator shows the light level, battery life, and color temperature.
  • A custom-fitted case for portability.

The FlapJack lights give a low heat output and contain a low current draw.

You can efficiently run FlapJacks on a conventional household electrical circuit. In fact, you can keep it running all day without fearing that it will break the bank or cook your subject.

Rotolight Neo 2

Rotolight Neo a is a continuous light source that is capable of strobing a viable power output. One can also use it as a flash in high-speed sync (HSS) mode to align with the shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 sec with zero recycling time.

If you want its HSS functionality, you must have a wireless trigger like the RotoLight HSS Transmitter by Elinchrom. This is available in the market for Sony, Nikon, Canon, and FujiFilm cameras. The transmitter links with the Skyport receiver integrated with the Neo 2.

The ring light is versatile for videographers as it packs a ton of neat features. Let’s examine them further:

  • It takes zero recycle time for the strobe work
  • There is a continuous light power of 2000 lux at 0.9m (3 ft)
  • It runs on the battery or AC power
  • The color temperature is adjustable between 3100K til 6300K
  • It gives a strobe power of F8, ISO 200 at 0.9m (3 ft)

Along with these, the Neo 2 also has a Cinefx mode. This helps to create lightning effects like lightning, fire, gunshots, and a television flicker.

All of these are useful to set a scene in a video and add compulsion to it.

Yongnuo Bi-Color Ring Light YN508

The Yongnuo Bi-Color Ring Light YN508 is a photo and video light that you can use in many ways. It comes with a soft panel for LED light, which combines with the fill light to produce a consistent soft light.

Plus, its dual power input makes it suitable for various shooting requirements. 

Typically, the Yongnuo ring light is the top pick for beauty selfies and live videos. Its CRI and TLCI index is greater than 95, so color rendering is exceptional with this light on.

Some of the best characteristics of this light are:

  • ≥95 CRI and TLCI index
  • The U-type bracket can be adjsuted up to 360 degrees
  • It can be controlled through mobile app and wireless control

Its breakaway design allows the user to deploy both halves of the ring light to provide two lightning angles.


What ring lights do YouTubers use?

The common size ring lights YouTubers use nowadays vary somewhere between 10 to 18 inches.

The former is considered a selfie light. Meanwhile, the 18” models will illuminate a small to mid-sized room instead of a subject.

So, the choice of a ring light solely depends on the niche chosen by the content creators.

Is ring light good for YouTube videos?

Ring lights are always a fruitful purchase for video producers. They create attractive catch light in the subject’s eye and help to eliminate the shadows.

They have turned into must-haves for YouTube video production because they help add a unique glam to otherwise dull videos. It even makes a YouTuber look great on the camera!

Final Thoughts

We hope this list helps you find out a viable ring light for your videos. Ranking high on YouTube asks for investment and endless efforts. 

A ring light adds life to the videos, enabling the audience to focus on the subject of your content.

We highly recommend you scan the market for your options and go for a ring light that makes your videos stand out from the lot.

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