Why Is Photography Important?

Every day is another opportunity to “Say cheese” and grab just another cool pic to add to your growing gallery.

But, have you ever stopped for a minute to ask yourself, why is photography important? 

For the vast majority, photography is just a way of keeping some memories alive. 

A reminder of past activities, where one has been, what one did, and whom they were with, amongst other things. 

However, you should know that photography is so powerful and its importance goes way beyond mere preservation of memories.

Keep reading to learn all the reasons why photographs are so powerful.

Why Do We Participate in Photography?

Importance of photography

Here are all the possible answers:

1. Turns us into artists

How does photography impact our lives? A simple answer could be, it makes us happy and satisfied.

Photography is not a matter of picking up a camera and pressing the shutter.

There’s a lot involved from looking for the right angle, finding the best light, tweaking the settings to suit various shooting conditions, and much more.

In other words, it’s quite a long process that gives one a pleasant sense of accomplishment when done right.

Particularly so if you just created something truly original.

2. Capturing events as they unfold

One of the answers to the question of why is photography important has to do with capturing events.

There are important things happening in our personal lives, our countries, and the world at large.

Since pictures record reality as it is at a particular time, they can serve as historical records.

These records inform us of how a certain culture or generation dressed, their customs, and residential places amongst other things.

3. A record of stories

importance of photography as an art

There is a story behind every image. By taking a look at memories of the past, there is always something to talk about.

For instance, where were you? Who’s that next to you?

What was the event about? When did you leave this place?

What work were you doing then? And many more.

Besides being a record of stories, the purpose of photography is to store moments of emotional value.

Things like weddings, graduations, burials…basically any notable occurrence in life when emotions are high. 

4. A healthy outlet for emotions

Did you know that taking photographs can help with mental health issues?

Scientific evidence posits that artistic undertakings can help individuals who are battling mental problems such as depression and anxiety.

Being a shutterbug lets you focus on your adventure-capturing great moments.

Now, being in the flow, or as others put it, in the zone, directs your energy and attention to positive life experiences which pacify stress hormones. 

Basically, any artistic undertaking like cooking, dancing, or taking photos can serve as a healthy outlet for one’s emotions.

So the next time you find your mind racing, perhaps you should pick up your camera and explore the outdoors.

5. Medium of communication

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a phrase we all hear, all the time, right?

When words fail or someone has a hard time conveying their emotions, therapists usually recommend photography as a way to communicate both with themselves and others.

There are also people who take pictures of wildlife, not just for the sheer joy of the shutter sound.

But rather, as a medium to promote its preservation and protection. 

A photograph of an emaciated kid, family, or animal can move people into actively participating in things like food and money donations as well as programs that aim to end hunger, war, and other social issues.

6. Photography inspires

Photography inspires us to appreciate the beauty in both small and grand things. This happens a lot if you are either traveling or just having fun.

Photos of cities and other scenic surroundings can supply enough inspiration for you to take action by taking trips to places that amaze you.

7. To make money

Photography has become one of the well-paying jobs all over the world. Businesses need product photos and bloggers need media to attach to written content.

As such, any person that gives this career the serious attention it deserves will surely rake in huge sums of money. 

To make it as a high-end photographer, you will need to do more than just know how to hold a camera.

Some of the skills you need to develop include creativity, patience, strong attention to detail, photo editing, networking, and many others. 

Above all, you need to love what you do. It’s the key to not giving up when things get tough.

8. A tool to build meaningful connections

Photographers don’t entirely work for themselves. They work for others as well as a means to earn a living.

Every day, they get to meet new clients. Some of whom end up becoming friends or even lovers.

Some connections result in business recommendations that see some photographers never struggling to find new customers. 

9. A tool for scientific projects

Photography is essential in carrying out scientific experiments.

Macro photography, for instance, is used to capture close-up photos of small organisms such as insects and other microscopic specimens. 

Photos also make it possible for scientists to share new discoveries with the public. 

Final Thoughts

Why is photography important? We’ve already gone through all the popular reasons why taking pictures is paramount.

Now, let’s have you under the spotlight. Why do you photograph? What purpose does it serve you? For money or just a hobby?

If you are planning to start a career as a photographer, the internet now makes it way easier than before.

There are countless free and premium courses that teach you both the basics and advanced lessons such as lighting and equipment setup.

Lastly, you don’t need an expensive camera to start your journey into photography. There are many budget grabs that perform exceptionally well.

You can also use your iPhone or Android smartphone to practice before investing in a professional camera.

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