Zhiyun Smooth Q Review

The Only Zhiyun Smooth Q Review You’ll Need to Read

A Zhiyun Smooth Q review will tell you everything you need to know about this gimbal that competes with the likes of the Samsung S9/S9+ and iPhone X lines. Phone users are starting to get more serious about photography because of the opportunities that these devices offer.

A Zhiyun Smooth Q is available for reasonable prices and has a three-axis design with lots of features. One of the advantages that come with this gimbal is that the stabilization is superior to what a phone’s EIS or OIS provides.

Although these gimbals are relatively new to the photography world, they effectively demonstrate the capabilities that smartphone users have with the right accessories. Zhiyun has a reputation for producing quality gimbals.

The smooth Q shows a lot of promise without compromising quality for its bargain price. So let’s dive into a review that offers a closer look at what to expect.

What to Expect When You Open the Box

When you receive your gimbal, you’ll also get a user manual, micro USB cable, and charger. One of the things that users appreciate the most about how the gimbal is packaged is its semi-hard case that brings a miniature guitar case to mind.

This gimbal weighs 440g, with lightweight construction, so minimize rough treatment as much as possible. Bear in mind that, unlike some other gimbals like the DJI Osmo Mobile the grip is not rubberized, so plan accordingly.

The mounting process is one of the easiest that you’ll likely encounter. Slide your smartphone inside the gimbal. Once inside, ensure that the smartphone sits securely.

Hold the Smooth Q’s power button down for two seconds for balance and calibration when turning the phone down. The good news is that even if you’re using a bigger phone like the iPhone8, the gimbal will still do the job that you expect of it.

What Phones Are Compatible With This Gimbal?

The maximum load weight for the gimbal is 200g, which allows it to support most smartphones. If you happen to be using a bigger, phablet-sized phone like the Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max, you will be pushing the weight limit very easily.

If you use a case adapter, which is always sold separately, you can also use the gimbal with action cameras like the GoPro.

What Features Does the Zhiyun Smooth Q Have?

The Zhiyun Smooth Q has an impressive range of motion. If you frequently take panoramic shots, you’ll find Smooth Q capable of spanning the full 360 degrees. Switching between panoramic and landscape photo modes is effortless. Where many social media sites like Instagram require portrait videos, this feature plays a crucial role.

There is a digital zoom glider on the handgrip that saves you the hassle of continually pinching on your phone’s display. However, this feature requires the Zhiyun’s ZY Play App. You won’t enjoy as much of a smooth transition zooming in as you would doing so manually on your phone’s screen.

Another thing to enjoy about this gimbal is a built-in battery with 26650mAh. Full charges take about three hours, and your battery will be good for 12 before requiring another charge. Because the battery life is outstanding, the smooth Q has possibilities as a power bank.

Controlling the Smooth Q

Setting up your Zhiyun Smooth Q is fairly easy. Your gimbal will be in Pan Follow mode when you first set it up, which follows your movements in the pan axis while maintaining your horizon level.

If you click the Mode button twice, you will be able to activate Follow mode. Follow also maintains your horizon but follows your up and down movements.

Another mode to consider is Locked. You can keep the camera focused where you want while keeping the orientation locked.

If you want to adjust the tilt and pan easily, you can take advantage of a joystick that makes this task easier for some. You’ll need to judge for yourself whether your hands or the joystick work better.

The Smooth Q’s Stabilization

The stabilization system in this gimbal is superior to previous versions, allowing for smoother operation. Photographers who have used past versions universally agree with the quality difference.

One thing that users will note is that when you change direction, there is no lag. The motors are easily described as snappy, demonstrating their efficiency.

The noise level from the motor is very easy to deal with, neither silent nor very loud. The operation is very reliable for all of your needs.

Always keep the operating weight limit in mind during use. Should your phone be heavier than most, you’ll want a heavier gimbal to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Using the Zhiyun App

This app has some basic features that include 4K video support. Android and iOS are both supported. However, photographers who need a wider range of features will require different options.

Third-party apps or apps native to the respective Android or iPhone systems will provide more features. The third-party options are ideal choices for iOS cameras because you have more control over your stabilization settings.

If you need to tweak your follow speeds or update the firmware, the Zhiyun app will adequately do the job. Always keep your overall needs in mind when making your choice.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an entry-level smartphone gimbal, the Smooth Q might be just what you need. The features are among some of the best, including the battery with its long life. You’ll get a lot of usage from this gimbal because of its ability to withstand your daily photography and videography needs.

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